In February of 2018, I began to particpate in a Bible study group. One day, the conversation turned to outreach and the conflicts going on in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, in terms of Christianity. Someone remarked, "there is only so much we can do". While I understood the sentiment, I reminded them that praying is doing something too. We can each take five minutes out of our day to help pray for those who can't.

I wanted to make something simple but powerful in terms of a piece. I used the Agiants demo font (from Ramandhani Nurgraha) because the font conveyed the drastic situation that people are in worldwide and can be seen as someone painting this in a hurried drastic manner. I decided to do simplisitc color (black and white variants) and center the type.

I don't really make explicit statements with work, as I generally want people to think, but I wanted to create something that is true and sincere. Praying is doing something. You are taking time to let God become aware of your heart and are enabling good work to commence.

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